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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A New Place to share my love of charity knitting and sewing

I do so much knitting and sewing for Cheyenne River Rez and also for Soldiers that I decided to devote this blog to what I do for them.

Love in Action is how I define my work as I seek to serve others. I will also be sharing my thoughts about the importance of each person doing as much as they can do to help others and make the world a better place for each of us.

I personally am against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I support the young men and women who are serving there as they seek to fulfil their obligation to our nation. So I make slippers and socks, cool ties and sand scarves. Things that will make them more comfortable. I also write letters to 18 of them on a weekly basis so they will get mail at mail call.

I'm learning to make beef jerky--that seems to be a very popular item--and not something that I could afford to BUY at supermarket prices! But by making my own, the cost is reduced sharply! I'll be sending a care package to each of them from time to time with enough to share with their buddies. I'll pack the spaces with bubble gum and hard candy--they are kids, after all!

The Rez is one place where I get to share my love of making baby things. At the moment, I am making fleece mittens for the school kids and teens. South Dakota winters are long and very cold. The need for warm clothing is ongoing. Next month Native American Support will be making things for the Elders. I plan to make fleece scarves and shawls and lapghans for them. Later I will set up my Bond USM and make some things with that.

I will post this as part of my email signature, along with my other blog, for anyone to read.

The address for sending things to Cheyenne River Rez (they welcome any donation of useful quality) If you would give it to your pickiest relative, then feel free to send it to the Rez (GENTLY used and clean is fine):

Julie Garreau-Project Director
Billy Mills Youth Center (The Main)
8200 East Lincoln Street
P O Box 410
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

The address for Native American Support Group:

The address for The Hugs Project:

The address for Ship Support:



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